Rise Up For HighRise

This year the HighRise team is focusing on raising up and building our team in the US in order to build up our ministry in Bangkok.  Our goal is to raise $20,180 in 2018, which will go toward:

  • Exercise Outreach Program ($2900)
  • 2018 Ministry Costs ($5,280)
  • HighRise Thai Foundation Start-Up Costs ($9000)
  • Ministry Savings ($2,000)

Here is where we are:


fundraising thermometer

Monthly Donors

Along with the $20,180, we need to add $20 a month from 18 new donors.  You can sign up to give monthly here.

Give toward the RiseUp2018 Campaign:


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Upcoming Events

We have yoga fundraisers, luncheons, picnics, and prayer meetings happening all throughout 2018.  Check out our Facebook Events Page for upcoming events.