HighRise Bangkok

HighRise Bangkok

Thailand Statistics:

Population: 65,729,098
Total Christians: 454,117
Total Churches: 5,187
Percent Christian: 0.69%

In 2011 the growth rate of Christians in Thailand was 5.22%, while the 2011 annual population growth rate in Thailand was 0.57% (source).  That means that the number of Christians grew 9 times faster than the general population.  Along with this churches multiplied from 4,198 in 2010 to 5,097 in 2016 (source).  With Christianity increasing throughout Thailand, HighRise Ministries sees the need to help continue the momentum.

HighRise Bangkok works to support this growth through:

  • leadership assessments and coaching
  • leadership training
  • community outreach
  • mentoring and discipling
  • counseling