God is glorified through strategic transmission of the gospel throughout Thailand.



HighRise strives to be a community that seeks strength and truth.




We believe that community is a place where health, growth, and encouragement are found and, therefore work to incorporate community into all we do.  The HighRise community hopes to be a Third Place, or a place for people to spend their time when they are not at school, work, or home.  We are a community where people come to relax, have fun, and spend time with friends.


We value and work to develop strength in our community.  This means working through and processing the hard things of the past to bring emotional health.  This means reading the Bible and practicing spiritual disciplines to develop spiritual maturity.  This also encompasses leadership training, coaching, and mentoring young adults.  We work to develop emotionally and spiritually healthy leaders, who are empowered to share gospel.


In the HighRise community we strive to see the Truth rise to the surface in all that we do.  We empower Christian leaders in our community to share the gospel with those who have never heard before.  Our community is a place to seek truth and work through the hard questions that come up along the way.