Our Work: Counseling


7 years ago this group of awesome ladies and I developed a counseling department at ZOE to provide trauma counseling, group therapy, and houseparent trainings. I was able to be a part of this team for 4 years!


Then in Bangkok, God brought together our Dream Team at the exact time there was a need to develop a foster care program for refugee kids, who were living in the Immigration Detention Center. My role was providing trauma counseling for all our foster kids. During this time, God broke our hearts for the refugee crisis.


Now I’m a part of this huge dynamic team of counselors at the Well and see it as such a privilege that I can learn and gain new skills while serving other families on the field. My clients continue to primarily be children and teens, but I’m also now working with women and families as well.

I could go on and on about the incredible work these teams have accomplished and all that God has done in brave kids who trusted the counseling process, but I want to let you know that we are at a place where we fear that our time in Thailand could come to an end. Looking at school fees and our drop in donors, we just don’t know if financially we can continue this important work.

We need new donors to join our support team so that we can continue this work that we believe we are gifted for and are so passionate about. We are looking for:

  • 2 donors at $100/month
  • 4 donors at $50/month
  • 8 donors at $25/month.

If you would like to join our team, you can sign up here: https://highriseministries.org/give/

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