Written by: Mitch Woods, HighRise Treasurer

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word community?

We believe that God calls us to live a life in community with others as a reflection of the community and relationship He wants to share with us.  Relationships this side of heaven are imperfect and broken – not a true reflection of our relationship with our Creator. They are often full of unrealized expectations and pain.

Even still, God calls us into community.

He never intended for us to journey through life alone.  He calls us to be vulnerable in our relationships and models that through sending Christ to earth to live and die for us. Brene Brown puts it well in her famous TED Talk. She observed that “Vulnerability is the core of shame, fear, and our struggle for worthiness.  But it also appears to be the birthplace of joy, creativity, belonging, and love.”

The great news is that we are found worthy through the vulnerability of God sending his Son.  We can experience the life that God intended of joy, belonging, and love by following his model and vulnerably investing in the lives of others and allowing them to do the same with us.

God restores our relationship with others through the restoration of our relationship with Him.  When we live in the image that God created us to be, we are able to relate to others the way He originally designed.

That’s the vision of HighRise in Thailand and all over the world – to see people who are freed by the power of the Gospel, restored into a right relationship with God, moving forward to love and be loved in the type of authentic community that God wants for His people.  We can’t see this become reality without the support of our own community. Join us in continually praying for the people of Thailand that they will be able to experience the joy and love of God in a community that seeks strength and truth.

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