Why You Need a HighRise T-Shirt

At HighRise, we are concerned about your wellbeing.  We pray that your families are well taken care of, fed, sheltered, and clothed…  In fact, our commitment to keeping clothes on your back beats so deeply within our hearts that we want to sell you T-Shirts.

In Job’s time, it was the wrongdoers who would “spend the night naked, without clothing” (Job 24:7).  Are you a wrongdoer? Well, yes, of course you are (Romans 3:23), but that doesn’t mean you have to be naked.  In fact, your wife will certainly appreciate it.

HighRise is fundraising to establish its official foundation here in Bangkok, Thailand. The Thai foundation will enable the ministry to grow, and it will give HighRise the capability to work more efficiently.

Through September 10th, 2017, HighRise is selling T-Shirts to help contribute to the needed lawyer and government fees associated with starting a Thai foundation.

Click HERE to get your shirt!

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