Leadership Classes have Begun!

It’s taken many months of preparation, but we have finally begun the HighRise Leadership and Management Course!

For the past few months, much of our time has been spent simply trying to meet students and recruit for the class.  This was a very difficult and frustrating time, as our expectations were challenged.  Up until the beginning of last week, we worried that we wouldn’t even have a single student!

However, after much prayer and worry, word began to get out and we started to hear back from friends we’d made who were going to attend and even bring a friend.  We ended up having 9 students, with a few more thinking about coming for the second class.


For this first class, we got to know each other by giving brief introductions and a bit about where they would want to be in 10 years.  It was so plain to see that a greater understanding of leadership principles would be a key factor in reaching those goals.  Then we spent the rest of the class going over future topics and what they can expect going forward.

Then the fun started.

As always, our kids were the life of the party, and it took our full concentration to keep little D-Max from dancing on the table.


Finally, we got a bit crazy and busted out the board games and Orange Fanta.

We are very excited about direction the leadership course is heading and the success of the Kick-off party.  Please pray that these students stick around and that they are interested in upcoming Bible studies and learning more about our faith in Jesus Christ.

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