The Struggle is Real

There are times on the mission field that discouragement finds its way into the hearts of missionaries.  Most of the time a missionary struggling with these sorts of feelings has many different things to fall back on, like a community of co-workers, their local church, friends, or sometimes nice comfort food does the trick.  For me it’s a Whopper with cheese from Burger King.  

Sometimes, even these things have trouble encouraging a missionary back to a healthier and more productive frame of mind.  Plus, Burger King is just too expensive!  Seriously, $8 for a fast-food burger?  

So in times like this, we only have the Word of God to rely on for encouragement.

Particularly, I’ve gained peace through 1 Chronicles 16:11

“Give praise to the LORD, proclaim his name:

          make known among the nations what he has done.

Sing to him, sing praise to him;

          tell of all his wonderful acts.

Glory in his holy name;

          let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice.

Look to the LORD and his strength;

          seek his face always.”    

Despite the occasional loneliness, failure, and the lack of funds, we’ve found strength in his face, and I am confident that strength, peace, and even joy can be found for you as well when you “sing praise,” “proclaim his name,” and “seek his face always.”

Know that we pray for many of you often, and if there is anything you need prayer for in particular, feel free to write it in the comment section of this blog.  

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