Trusting God and YOU!

No missionary to ever exist has gotten into the profession because of the money.  You’re not going to “make it rain” on the mission field.  I feel like that’s common knowledge.

However, you might not know is just how difficult fundraising can be.  For instance, many of you might have just read that “F-word” and decided to move on to the next blog on your list.

Asking people for their hard earned money is a lot of work.  Imagine having a full-time job in ministry, with all the outreaches, program development, and discipleship training, and then having another full-time job that consists of funding everything else you do.  It can get rough, time-consuming, very stressful, and sometimes even humiliating.

Every day we have to metaphorically get on our knees and ask people to help us fund the ministry.  I know what goes through heads when they see a message, letter, or social media post from us: Let’s ignore it.  Maybe it will go away.  Sheesh those guys are weird.  

I’ve thought those same things, and I think its very natural.  Money is a sensitive topic, that’s why we don’t talk about it at the dinner table, kind of like religion.  Although, if you have us over to your house for a meal, we will likely ask you about both.  Years on the mission field have made us awkward.

Despite the difficulty, awkwardness, and occasional shame, its still one of those things we have to deal with on a regular basis.  Someone has to do it.

That’s why we are so very thankful for our donors.  Each of you, no matter how much you give, make our jobs easier, less stressful, and more productive.  The less time we have to write letters, strategize, and cry over fundraising, the more time we can spend out on the campus with students.

We have many projects on the horizon, and while we’d love for these things to be free, they are not.

We have to PAY for staff.  We have to BUY Bibles and other books.  We have to HIRE translators.  We have to PAY rent on our building (which doubles as our house).  We even have to PAY annually for this website I’m writing on at this very moment.

Effective ministry isn’t free.  Its not even cheap.

Our goal is to increase HighRise’s monthly income by $1,000 before the end of September.

Please pray about joining our financial team on a monthly basis or increasing your existing monthly donation.

Click HERE to give!

With Love, HighRise and the Deglers

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