Thank You from HighRise

Time seems to be flying by!

It doesn’t feel like we’ve been here for 10 months already, but the math doesn’t lie!

We’ve already studied Thai for a total of 600 hours, not to mention homework done outside the classroom and hours of conversation with the Thai people we’ve met.

Olive has started Thai kindergarten, and Desmond is walking, running, and even saying Mama and Dada!

We are meeting students, having game nights, beginning Bible studies, and gearing up for the leadership course in July.

This year we hope to begin paperwork on the HighRise Thailand Foundation and also hire two Thai staff members.

None of this would have been possible without our donors. 

For those of you who have given to HighRise over the past year, know that we are truly and deeply thankful for your generosity.  Its difficult to communicate our sincerity being on the exact opposite side of the globe.  The internet is a profound blessing in communication, but still doesn’t quite do the trick.  Know that if you were standing before us now, we would be groveling at your feet in gratitude.

You should be proud, and not just because you have been specifically giving to HighRise and the Degler family, but mostly because you have been contributing to the spread of the gospel in one of the least reached nations in the entire world.  You’ve probably heard us say it before, but there are literally billions of people on this hemisphere who don’t know Jesus, and of the money sent overseas for missions, only 1% goes towards the unreached or unevangelized!

You are apart of that 1%!  

We admire each of you for your kind and generous hearts, and are praying God’s blessing on you and your families!


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