HighRise Ramkhamhaeng ClassRoom

Thanks to our Maclellan Foundation grant, we were able to buy tables & chairs for our classroom, where we will be teaching leadership courses beginning in June.  We will also use this space for outreach events, small group meetings, and a leadership/discipleship library.  Look!  We even have our first student!!  She’s thrilled.


Along with this, we were able to get some bookshelves, which we will use to create a leadership and a discipleship library for students.  We are currently ordering some leadership books in Thai, which are also covered under the grant.

However we are still looking for generous donors to partner with us on filling the discipleship portion of the library.  These books will be available for students to check out and read on their own.  Along with this, future small group leaders will be able to use these books to supplement their small group curriculum.  Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!! Check this and other needs out on our Top Ten Needs List.


Currently, we are working on finishing up the leadership curriculum, and then we will move forward with getting everything translated into Thai.  We need to translate the Lion’s Lead Leadership Assessment along with all curriculum and worksheets we’ve created for the courses.

We are eager to see this room full of students and look forward to updating you as things start moving along!

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