Christmas Outreach

2016 has been an action-packed year for HighRise Ministries and the Degler family, and we can’t say it hasn’t been stressful and at times, a bit exhausting.  We wrapped up our time at ZOE International, moved out of our house in Chiang Mai, spent three homeless months in the United States, moved to Bangkok, re-started Thai language study, and began university ministry.  Not to mention, growing babies that need the attention of their mom and dad.


Despite this stress and hustle, the Christmas season came as a much needed encouragement.  A friend of ours in Chiang Mai, founder of the organization ThaiWord, gave us 100 copies of an easy-to-read translation of the book of Luke.  With these books HighRise made goodie bags full of candies, coffee, and best of all, chocolate cookies.  Over the past month, we have been able to hand these bags out to all the people in our neighborhood that we have begun to meet and spend time with.


Our new mechanic, the lady who owns the hardware store, the coffee house staff, the sushi chefs, and the guards at the bank and the hotel across the street, not to mention many others, got a copy of The Prince of Peace.


Naturally, the kids were especially effective at spreading Christmas cheer!  Olive mastered both Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Thai, which of course, had our neighbors smitten.  Even Desmond, or as he’s come to be known, D-Max, practiced his bow and wave.

In all, we pray that these books are read and that they are able to impact the lives of the readers.  We put the information of one of the local Thai churches inside the cover, so we are also praying that readers would have the courage to either call them or reach out to us with questions.  We love our neighborhood here in Bangkok, and the people we are beginning to build relationships are so loving, kind, and welcoming.  So much so that they are becoming like our family.  We know they are so precious and loved by God, so we ask that you partner with us in prayer for open hearts and minds to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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