Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership

Many of us have likely heard the statement, “Everything rises and falls on leadership,” especially if we’ve read a few books on the topic.  John C. Maxwell, writer and leader, even uses the statement as a catch phrase for his organization.  However, if we are not experts, we might nod and shuffle the quote to the back of our minds, not really thinking about it or its implications.

I’m certainly no expert.

I’m merely at the starting line of a very long race.  A race with no finish line, as there is always something to learn and improve upon.  Its kind of like our relationships with Jesus. None of us, and I don’t care who you think you are, will get it right this side of heaven.  No leader, and I don’t care who you think you are, will get it right either.

In fact, a “race” might even be to clear cut.  In a race I would know the start line and the finish line, and my final time would clearly define my success.  When it comes to most of us amateurs, however, an organized race would look more like children running circles on the playground after eating a whole bag of Pixie Sticks.

Personally, I’ve decided to try to kick the Pixie Stick habit to settle down and figure out what it means to be a decent and growing leader.  I’m beginning to understand that there are actually a few people out there who are great leaders, know that they are great leaders, and know why they are great leaders.  They have a plan, and I’d like to lead HighRise like that.  In fact, I want others to be able to grow and lead like that, especially within the church.

This is why we’ve partnered with The Lions Lead (thelionslead.com), a leadership and management consultancy, in Fishers, Indiana.  Not only must I be mentored constantly to make sure HighRise is led properly, but we will also be translating one of their leadership assessments into Thai.  This assessment was designed to evaluate the leadership related behaviors of young adults, target their strengths and weaknesses, and offer routes for improvement.  Once the assessment is completed, the students will be invited to attend free leadership and management courses at HighRise.

For HighRise in Bangkok, these assessments and leadership courses will become the open door that gets students involved in Bible studies, fellowship nights, and the local church.  The first step of translating this assessment is already underway, and we are extremely excited for the potential this program has for the mission of HighRise, which is to reach these students with the gospel for the glory of God.

We would love and appreciate your prayers for this program!

If you have any questions, feel free to respond with a comment to this blog, and I will be happy to talk with you more!

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