HighRise Foundation Thailand

You should see my new desk in Thailand.  For one, its already a cluttered mess, but more importantly, its got white boards and post-its everywhere with reminders and lists of things Amanda and I have to do.  If I didn’t have my to-do lists, I would forget everything, and any sort of productivity I might have is attributed to my to-do lists and cracking out item after item.

One of the items is “Start HighRise Foundation.”  It has made me chuckle to myself on more than one occasion simply because of the absurdity of it.  As if starting a foundation in Thailand were as simple as one item on a to-do list.  There will be dozens and dozens, if not hundreds, of things we will have to do before I will be able to mark this one off.  Which is kind of exciting and daunting at the same time.

(If you didn’t know we were starting the HighRise Foundation in Thailand, check out more information HERE.)

However, this one line item is also much more than even a collection of to-do’s.

I don’t know if many of you know this, but HighRise Bangkok isn’t about one single university or one single campus ministry.  The mission of HighRise Bangkok is to preach the gospel to and raise up the young adults of Bangkok so that they can lead Thailand to display the glory of God to the rest of the world. (Watch this VIDEO).  That’s a huge series of to-do lists, and its certainly bigger than one group of students.  In fact, a mission like this logically requires that one day HighRise have ministry in every single higher education institute in Bangkok. This might not happen in my lifetime, but it is our goal and one day it will be reached.

This Thai foundation we are starting will become the organization that oversees the work in every single one of those future campus ministries.  This foundation will be the “foundation” for just about everything HighRise will do in Thailand for as long as the organization exists.

This is massive!  This foundation, that will begin with just two missionary families and hopefully a few Thai staff within the next year or so, will grow into dozens of missionary families and hundreds of Thai staff scattered all across Bangkok, all focused on reaching young adults with the Good News of Jesus.

God has unfathomable plans for this nation.  My dream is to see Thailand transformed from a nation of only .3% Christian to a nation that is teeming and bursting with faith to such a degree that Thais are sent around the world as missionaries themselves.  Its going to take every single church, ministry, dollar, and baht, not to mention the supernatural guidance and power of the Holy Spirit, to get this job done, and HighRise will do its part in the effort.

However, it all begins with this one stack of paperwork.

Please consider contributing to this project, so that we can begin this work.  The button below will take you directly to a giving site specifically for the HighRise Thailand Foundation fund.

donate image

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