Exciting Step Forward




With the international adoption and the HighRise nonprofit corporation in the United States, we don’t shy away from a few paper cuts or headaches.

In that spirit, the first step for HighRise Ministries in Bangkok has arrived, and the time has come to begin the paperwork to create HighRise Foundation as a legal Thai entity.  This is an extensive process that involves many things we are unfamiliar with, and much like the process of obtaining our IRS 501(c)3 designation in the United States, we would be blundering around like idiots without experts to help us do things properly.

POP QUIZ: Complete the following equation.  Complicated legal process (2 foreigners + language barrier + culture barrier) = _______________

ANSWER: Catastrophe

Therefore, we have found a Thai Christian Law firm with specific experience beginning Thai Foundations.  In addition, they are reasonably priced, and they come highly recommended from two different foundations.  We are ready to move forward in the process, but there are two things we need first.

First, we need Thai board members, and we already have a couple people in mind for the job, so hopefully that will all fit into place.  Still be praying for it though!

Second, HighRise needs to have 275,000 baht (Thai currency) upfront and ready to go, which can range from $7,857 to $9,166, depending on the varying exchange rate.  A portion of this money will go to paying the lawyer’s fees and government fees, but the majority of the funds will go into an account that remains untouched, which is a requirement by Thai law.

Therefore, unless you are a Thai Christian looking to volunteer as a board member for HighRise Foundation, we are really looking for your help to raise the funds needed to get this legal process off the ground.

Because of the fluctuating value of the Thai baht and US Dollar, we are raising $9,200.  I rounded up mainly because I’m paranoid but also because there will certainly be other costs involved like mass printing, transportation, and costs to resolve unforeseen problems.

We know that many of you reading might already give to HighRise on a monthly basis, and we really appreciate your efforts to get HighRise off the ground and rolling with success, but if you feel so inclined to give additional funds on top of what you already give, we would really appreciate the help.

For others who prefer to give bigger chunks for projects or when they can, we could use your help!

Anything you donate, if you are an American paying United States taxes, will be tax deducible.  You also get the satisfaction of knowing you paid a vital roll in getting HighRise’s ministry going in Bangkok.

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