Who is HighRise?

Who is HighRise?  And why does it exist?

So far we’ve been asked these two questions the most, and I hope to answer both of them here.

HighRise’s Vision is simple; we want to see God glorified through strategic transmission of the gospel throughout the least reached cities of the world.  Sometimes it easy to look around at the people we interact with on a daily basis only to see the person they portray on the outside, and we neglect to see them for their hearts and souls.  I am certainly guilty of this, but at critical times in my life, for whatever reason (likely the Holy Spirit), my heart breaks for the hearts and souls of lost people around the world.  Early in 2015, after studying key passages of the Bible, I was struck again with this heartache, but this time it was coupled with the strong vision to work primarily in the hubs of culture, economics, government, education, and entertainment: big cities.

This led us to develop our mission; HighRise will go into the cities of the least reached nations of the world with the mission to strategically preach the gospel, reach the lost, and make disciples for the ultimate glory of God.  We believe that the big cities of every nation supply influence to the rest of the country, and by first reaching a city, the rest of the people will naturally follow.

Our mission and vision beg a few follow-up questions.  What does least reached mean?  The Joshua Project (www.joshuaproject.net) defines least-reached as “a people group among which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize this people group.”  HighRise uses the word least-reached in the same way.  This is why our goal is to raise up local believers with the same heart to reach their own nation, so that “adequate numbers” can be attained.

Who are these least reached nations and cities?  This is where you will catch us saying the 10/40 Window frequently.  This video (Watch Me) says it better than I can, but essentially, there are billions of people between the 10th and 40th latitude on the eastern hemisphere, 95% of these people are unreached, and only 1.25% of the world’s missions giving is directed to these people.  HighRise seeks to be at the heart of these unreached people.

HighRise exists because we believe that Jesus was serious when he commanded His disciples to go into all the world with the intent to duplicate themselves.  If Jesus was serious about the mission, then HighRise Ministries is serious about the mission as well.

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